Best American Tackle is very pleased to announce special pricing
for Zalt lures at the
Wisconsin Musky Expo.

I was so impressed with the quality and performance of this lure that I bought out selected stock for the North American distributor. Because of my bulk purchase, I was able to get them at a great price. These lures normally sell for $18.00 but I am passing my savings on to you. Your price is only $5.00.

Swedish made, Zalt lures have gained a reputation in Europe for catching some nice sized Northern Pike. Their main claim to fame is their flexibility when it comes to presentation. They have been shown to be equally effective cranking, trolling, twitching or jerking.

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These lures are molded from high impact plastic. We have replaced the standard hooks that come with the lure with X-heavy VMC Rapala ultra sharp hooks. They run 1-2 feet below the surface and 4-6 feet when trolling.

There is absolutely no wrong way to fish this lure!


When cranked with a steady retrieve, this lure has a unique action that allows lure flash and stimulation of the fish’s lateral line. A fish positioned to the side of the lure sees the entire lure (back, side & belly) as it is being retrieved.


Using soft twitches of the rod tip (twitch-twitch-pause-twitch), this lure can be retrieved over emerging weed beds. Its action in the water simulates a wounded or dying fish.


Using this lure as a jerk bait in open water or adjacent to weed beds or other structure, provides a more pronounced swimming action that will catch the attention of a Musky and trigger a strike.

The video below demonstrates the action of the lure with multiple presentations.

This video was made in Sweden, the home of Zalt lures, so you will please excuse the fact that the captions are not in English...You will still get the idea.

We are offering these lures in the color patterns shown below:

Only Available At The Wisconsin Musky Expo...Show Pricing Special