Noah Binsfeld grew up on Little Rock Lake which is connected to the Mississippi River. He is a third generation river fisherman spending his formative years fishing on the banks of the river. His time on the water has turned him into one of today's most sought after Musky guides.

Although he loves to fish for all kinds of fish, his true passion is catching the elusive Musky wherever it swims. As a guide, he loves taking people out to catch their first Musky or their biggest Musky. His hand crafter "Made-In-America" lures are representative of his meticulous attention to detail.

In 2017 Noah guided for 17 50+ inch Musky!!!

In addition to the 5/0 Mustad hooks in the belly and butt and the 1½ ounce weight
 of the lure, Noah adds heat shrink to the front of the lure and to the Marabou wrap
and the rear hook making these lures built to last through multiple Musky encounters!!!

The Marabou Bucktails Are Available In These 5 Musky Catching Colors!!

Our Price Is Only $20.00