We are shipping our lure inventory to the
Wisconsin Musky Expo for the show on March 1-3.
We will not be able to fill any orders until the
end of March 2019

We are so pleased to be able to add these hand-crafted Flap Tail Lures to our Made-In-America product line.

These lures are made by T.R. Custom Lures and are 100%
Made-In-America from American components.

T.R. Custom Lures, LLC has been in the business of making lures for 20 years. They have recently expanded their business, and are selling lures in over 15 states.

These Lures are truly One-Of-A-Kind in workmanship and design!!

All of the Flap Tail Lures available here demonstrates the care and workmanship that go into each lure. The Flap Tail is made from western red cedar. The lure is 5½" in length, weighs 2½ ounces and comes equipped with Eagle Claw 3/0 hooks. The spreader and front extension wires are .051 stainless steel wire. Each lure gets a primer undercoating and multiple coats of enamel. The lure is then sealed with a finish of two coats of Tru-Coat Epoxy .

It is important to note that this lure is best retrieved moderately slow and requires some patience on the part of the angler. As with many slow retrieve surface lures, it is productive early in the day and as the day progresses toward twilight. (It is also a good "Post Front" lure choice for early and late in the day). The front extension wire eliminates the need for a leader...it is suggested that you tie your line directly to the front extension wire.

Black W/Silver Side Scales

Sold Out!!!

Black And Red With Gold Scale

Our Price For This Lure Is $30.00



Our Price For This Lure Is $30.00