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Don't pass up the opportunity to add one or more of these hand crafted high quality surface lures to your tackle box!!

The Surf Master has been reconfigured with enhanced color patterns for the 2019 season. It is fashioned after the old Surf-O-Reno but with 21st Century enhancements.

The Surf Master is 4½ inches long and weighs1¼ ounces. The lure is equipped with old style copper monk props (front and back). Each prop has a pressed in brass bearing which ensures smooth rotation.  In addition to the brass bearing, the props have a unique twist which provides an additional attraction in the water as it is retrieved.

Each lure is tank balanced. The lure is made from Pine and has 1½ inch screw eyes front and back and a 1 inch screw eye in the body. The 3/0 X Heavy VMC hooks are attached with stainless steel split rings, allowing for easy hook replacement. The body hook screw eye is secured with a modified anti-back out hook hanger.

Each lure has an undercoat of primer to seal the wood over which are enamel paint colors. The lure is then sealed with multiple hard Resin coatings .  each lure is water tested to ensure consistent performance.

The Surf Master comes in these standard color patterns.

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The Typhoon Globe is designed to catch Muskie or Pike. The redesigned lure was field tested extensively during the 2015 - 2018 Muskie/Pike seasons to ensure consistent performance. The Typhoon Globe is not mass produced and this maintains the quality of the lure. The larger blade gives the Muskie/Pike angler a surface lure that will be hard to leave in the tackle or night, calm or chop. The lure is 7½ inches long and weighs 3 ounces.

The body hook configuration has a swivel attached to the stainless steel through wire which is equipped with stainless steel split rings for the 4/0 X Heavy VMC body hook and the 5/0 X Heavy VMC tail hook. Each lure has an undercoating of primer, enamel paint for the color patterns a hard resin over coating to seal the lure. The brass through tube and the brass globe blade screws use epoxy to hold them in place.

The Typhoon Globe uses a large, .032 thick, brass blade. The blade paddles are hand pitched to ensure that the interaction between the blade and the through tube provides maximum water displacement and a unique metallic characteristic that will get the attention of those toothy critters. Globe Blade
The Typhoon Globe is equipped with a round through tube in the globe head. The round tube ensures that the globe provides smooth and consistent performance during a retrieve. This feature, combined with the larger globe blade attached to the globe head, gives this lure its unique metallic sound and makes this lure an attractive target for a Muskie or Pike. Globe Tube
The Typhoon Globe uses a .063 stainless steel through wire...This is done to make the lure a bit more resistant to the assault from a Muskie/Pike. The heavier wire will not prevent the fish from bending the lure during the heat of battle but it should lessen the severity. Globe Wire
The Typhoon Globe comes standard with 4/0 & 5/0 X Heavy VMC hooks. These hooks are extremely sharp and require NO sharpening. All hooks have split rings to allow for easy replacement should a hook get damaged.

The Typhoon comes in these standard color patterns.

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The Musky Bug is the newest addition to the family of topwater lures from Best American Tackle. It is fashioned after the "Crazy Crawler" from years past and was tested extensively during the 2018 Musky season.

The Musky Bug is the perfect lure for early in the season when 'down sizing' lures is a productive approach to the Musky hunt. Pitching the lure into spawning bays and along side or over emerging weeds will entice a Musky strike. Early morning and/or evening twilight are the most productive times of the day.

Although it is a good early season lure, it is productive throughout the Musky season. Use it in place of a creeper. It has the same sound as a creeper during a retrieve .

Unlike a creeper, it will not roll or blow out during
the retrieve regardless of how fast you retrieve it!!!

The Musky Bug is 4½ inches in length. It is made from select pine wood. It gets an under coat of primer, coatings of enamel for lure colors and a hard resin finish coating.

The wings are stainless steel and the hooks are 3/0 X-heavy VMC. The body and rear hooks are affixed to the lure using stainless steel split rings. The body hook is attached to the lure using a 1 inch screw eye that is prevented from backing by use of a modified hook hanger.

There are 1½ inch screw eyes in the front and back of the lure. The screw eyes are secured using Epoxy.

Each lure is tank balanced and water tested to ensure consistent performance during a retrieve!!

The Musky Bug is offered in these productive color patterns!

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