Musky Fishing Solutions

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We are offering 5 ways to catch Musky using surface lures.

The Tornado and Typhoon Globes. The Tornado is the smaller of the two globes. These different sizes offer the Musky angler presentation options.

The Musky Bullet and Surf Master Toppers. The Musky Bullet is the larger of the two toppers. Both use the old style brass monk blades which provide a unique footprint during the retrieve.

The Twister is a new offering for top water fishing. The rear delta blades turn in opposite directions giving the lure stability during the retrieve.

All lures come in multiple color patterns!

The Musky Fish-Pic...Safe For The Fish...Safe For The Fisherman

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The Zalt Crank Baits are priced at only $10.00.

There Is No Wrong Way To Fish This Lure!!!

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